The 'Code Club' logo, is a registered trademark in the UK, the European Union, the USA and many other countries across the world.

Lots of people get in touch with us to ask if they can use our logo or our robot illustrations on websites, social channels, or other materials for their clubs (e.g. T-shirts or badges).

As an individual or a club, we ask that you do not use our logo or images on any collateral or materials that you have created yourself. By signing up as a club organiser or volunteer you agree you will not do this.

However, we provide extensive free resources for registered clubs (such as welcome packs, posters and certificates) to use. We also offer clubs the chance to win stickers and other branded prizes in competitions and giveaways and we have a selection of items available in our online shop.

In certain circumstances, we will give permission for third parties to use our logo and illustrations. Permission must be obtained in advance, so please get in touch with if you would like to discuss this further.

We take great care to ensure that our logo and images are only used by our official partners or sponsors. Should you be granted permission to use the Code Club logo, we will make available visual guidelines that set out best practices for using our logo.