Want to get in touch with your child’s school about having the staff start a Code Club?

Here’s our handy guide for how to do that!

First, you need to know what exactly we do:

  • Code Club is a global network of volunteers and educators who run free coding clubs where young people aged 9 to 13 build and share their ideas, learning to program along the way.

  • We provide all the resources a club needs, including projects in a variety of popular programing languages such as Scratch and HTML, and lots of cool materials for the classroom.

  • Code Club is free for the school and the young people who attend, and it uses the school’s computers.

  • Code Clubs can be run by a teacher on their own, but many clubs are supported by one of our amazing volunteers.

  • There are more than 13,000 Code Clubs across the world in 160 countries.

  • To find out more about why schools should start a Code Club, please watch the video below:

Now you know what we do, what’s the best way to speak to the school?

  • Speak to the school office to say that you’d like to get in touch with someone about starting a Code Club. The best person to talk to will be the ICT Coordinator or the Head Teacher.

  • If you want to use our template email, or pass on/post a letter, then click here for our template.

  • If you are meeting a member of staff, run them through the information above, and tell them you think it would be a great idea to start a Code Club at the school. Let them know whether other parents are also keen, and if you know any parents who might want to volunteer, then mention that as well.

  • If they would like more information, you can ask them to email us at hello@codeclub.org — we’ll be happy to help.

If they want to start a Code Club right now, direct them to our Start a Code Club page and they can get started!

You can also download our flyer explaining how Code Club works, and pass it on to the school.