What is Trinket?

For working through Code Club HTML/CSS and Python projects, we recommend using the online coding platform Trinket to write and run your code online. There’s no software to install, because Trinket runs in a web browser.

It’s important to understand that Trinket creates public web pages and projects that can be viewed by anyone with a link. Young people may need a reminder about the importance of not sharing personal information online.

Using Trinket

Trinket is available online at trinket.io. In Code Club projects, young people will be given a short URL to open either an empty Trinket project or a starter Trinket project containing some resources.

Please see our HTML/CSS and Python guides for more information on using Trinket for those courses.

Saving Trinket projects

Trinket accounts make it easier to keep track of and make updates to projects, since they allow you to save projects you have worked on to your account. Please note that young people under the age of 13 need parental permission to create Trinket accounts; see our Trinket accounts guide for more information.

You can also save Trinket projects without having an account: simply click on the Share button. This will give you a web address you can use to view to the project in any browser. However, each time you make a change in your code, you get a new address.

If young people in your club don’t have Trinket accounts, we recommend having them keep track of web addresses of their trinkets by saving them in a text document, so that they can easily return to their projects.