When adding the details of your Code Club on our site, be sure to tick the box to show that you would like a volunteer to help you run the club. This will mean that the club shows up in searches when volunteers look for venues near to them, and it will appear in the digest of new volunteering opportunities which we send out to volunteers by email.

A number of our clubs find volunteers from their parent community. We have created a letter that you can send to parents to help recruit a parent volunteer.

Our ‘Find a Volunteer’ poster can be used to promote the volunteering opportunity in your venue:

A Code Club can be run by a member of staff at the venue without an outside volunteer. You do not need to have any previous coding experience to run a Code Club as we provide online training and the role of the volunteer is primarily to support the children if they get stuck completing a project. If you are keen to get the club up-and-running soon, it could start out without a volunteer for the first sessions while you continue looking for someone suitable.

Code Club have a network of coordinators that run events and liaise with the local community. Our training sessions and meetups provide an opportunity to meet with volunteers and club hosts in your area and are often a good place to meet new volunteers who are looking for a club to get started. You will find a list of all upcoming Code Club events on our Training & Events page.

It can sometimes take a while to find a suitable volunteer, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Code Club Regional Coordinator if you need some help. They can spread the word on Twitter and at meetups or events in your local area.

You can email your coordinator using the link on the club profile page: