Code Club provides free projects that are easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides for young people to use to learn coding languages like Scratch, HTML/CSS and Python. 

The projects introduce coding concepts one by one and let young people progressively build their knowledge. Starting with our first module of simple Scratch projects, young people learn about sequencing, repetition, and variables, and they add to their skills as they move through the projects while creating their own games, animations, and websites. 

We’ve created some handy skills maps for our Scratch, HTML/CSS, and Python modules so that you can see which programming concepts each project is based on:

Scratch: Module 1 skills map

Scratch: Module 2 skills map

HTML/CSS: Module 1 skills map

HTML/CSS: Module 2 skills map

Python: Module 1 skills map

Python: Module 2 skills map