A DBS check will show any information held on your criminal record. If you do not have a criminal record your Certificate will come back with no information on it.

If you do have a criminal record (caution, warning, reprimand or conviction) this will be detailed on your DBS Certificate.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you will have ‘failed’ the check, by law an employer must take into account the type of offence, the amount of time lapsed since the offence was committed and whether this offence(s) is relevant to the role you are working in/applying for.

Having a criminal record is not always a barrier to volunteering, in fact we know that this may make you a role model for the children in your local area. We are keen to ensure our volunteer roles are as accessible as possible for anyone looking to volunteer as a way back into employment or to further their confidence/skillset. 

There are some offences with which you will be unable to work with children and it is at the discretion of the school as to whether you will be able to volunteer there.