About Code Club

Everything you need to know about running a Code Club.

What is Code Club?
Code Club is a global network of volunteers and educators who run coding clubs for young people aged 9-13. You will find lots of information about Code Club on our About page. An introduction to coding can be found in our short video below:
What's the age range of young people who attend?
Code Club’s projects are designed for young people aged 9-13, based on average literacy levels for these age groups. However, a number of clubs have both younger and older members — this age range is only a guideline.
Is Code Club a charity?
Code Club is a key educational programme of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is a UK registered charity (1129409). You can find general information about the Raspberry Pi Foundation on our About page and details of our Board of Trustees on our Governance page.
Can I donate to Code Club?
Yes! Your donation will help us to achieve our goal of giving every child the opportunity to learn digital skills, no matter who they are or where they come from. The simplest way to make your donation is through our Support Us page. However, if you would prefer to make a donation via PayPal or BACS transfer, p...
Can I use the Code Club logo?
The 'Code Club' logo, is a registered trademark in the UK, the European Union, the USA and many other countries across the world. Lots of people get in touch with us to ask if they can use our logo or our robot illustrations on websites, social channels, or other materials for their clubs (e.g. T-shir...