Sessions & Projects

Information about what happens during a Code Club session and the projects used by the club members.

What happens in a Code Club session?
In a typical Code Club session, club members work through the free projects we provide, which are step-by-step guides that will help them create games, animations, and web pages. The Code Club volunteer is on hand to support, encourage, and help the young people while they code. Our video below is a short summ...
How long is a Code Club session?
Code Club sessions typically last about an hour and take place once a week, but this is flexible. Clubs can start at any point during the year. Each club works at its own speed, depending on the children’s progress. If you’d rather run a club for half an hour at lunchtime, then go for it! If you’re running a Code C...
What are the Code Club projects?
Code Club projects are step-by-step guides for young people to follow and create animations, games, websites, and much more. Each project teaches a different programming concept, and builds on the skills learned in previous projects. The projects completed in our clubs, along with many others, are freely ac...
Which programming languages are covered in the projects?
We currently have projects for Scratch, Python, HTML/CSS, and Sonic Pi, and some projects also teach the use of the Raspberry Pi and BBC micro:bit. More details can be found on our projects site.
Who can use the Code Club projects?
At the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we believe in giving all children the opportunity to learn to code. All of the projects used in our Code Clubs are freely available for anyone to complete using free software and can be found on our projects site.
Can I use the Code Club projects at home with my children?
Yes, the projects are available to anyone and can be found on our projects site.
I'm a home educator, can I use your materials?
If your children are being home-educated and they would like to attend a Code Club, you can search our website for a public club that has spaces available using the search tool found on our homepage. Alternatively, your children can complete the projects on our projects site at home.
Does my Code Club need to run in parallel with the school year?
Clubs can start at any point during the year. If you’re running a Code Club in a library or other community venue, feel free to also have sessions during school holidays or at weekends.
What programming skills do young people learn at Code Club?
Code Club provides free projects that are easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides for young people to use to learn coding languages like Scratch, HTML/CSS and Python.  The projects introduce coding concepts one by one and let young people progressively build their knowledge. Starting with our first module of simple...