Everything you need to know about Code Club volunteering.

Can I find a club to volunteer at on your website?
You can use our website to search for Code Clubs in your area that are looking for a volunteer. Once you sign up as a volunteer, you can use the club search page to find Code Clubs near you, then message the club organiser to enquire about helping at their club.
Why doesn't the Code Club that I would like to volunteer at appear in the search results?
When a club is up-and-running and does not require any additional volunteers, the Club Organiser has the ability to hide their club from our search results. If the club that you are interested in is not listed and you would like to be added as a volunteer, please contact the Club Organiser directly.
Can I volunteer at more than one club?
Yes! In the volunteer registration process, you will be able to see any venues in your area which are currently looking for a volunteer. Feel free to volunteer at as many as you want.
What do I do if my club is no longer running?
If your club is no longer running (excluding breaks for school holidays), you can close your club to have it removed from our search results. You can find instructions on how to do this through our website in our How to close a club guide.
Do you screen volunteers?
When registering a club, we ask that all volunteers obtain a background check. However, we don’t interview or screen volunteers ourselves. It’s your responsibility as a club organiiser to arrange a meeting with your volunteer to plan the club and check the certificate of their DBS or another equivalent backgro...
What do I do if my volunteer is leaving?
First of all, head to your Club Dashboard and update your club settings to indicate that you are looking for a volunteer, so that other volunteers in your area can get in touch. You should also click the "Remove" button beside your volunteer's name to remove them from your club’s profile. If y...
Can I start a Code Club in a library or community venue?
The majority of Code Clubs take place in schools. They are usually run with the help of an educator or member of staff and attended by the students of the school that hosts the club. We also welcome Code Clubs held in community venues but encourage them to also consider another programme run by the Raspberry Pi...