Equipment & Requirements

Details on what's required to run a Code Club.

What equipment do I need to run a Code Club?
Most clubs start off with projects in the language Scratch, which can be used for free via a web browser — all you need is access to internet-connected PCs or laptops. There is also an offline version of it that’s free to download. You can find out more about the system requirements for Scratch and its offline v...
Is coding experience required?
No, but we recommend that you work through the projects yourself so you can stay one step ahead of the children in your club. The projects can be found on our projects site.
Is teaching experience required?
No teaching experience is required to volunteer at a Code Club. You’ll be working alongside a club host from the venue (a teacher, teaching assistant, librarian, or youth worker); they are there to support you and are required to be present at the sessions to help you.
What's the time commitment involved?
To be a volunteer, you will need to have time to go to the venue each week for the club session (which usually lasts one hour); also allow some time for making sure things are prepared before the club members arrive. We think a sensible minimum commitment is running a club for 12 weeks, to give the club member...
Why do I need a background check?
We want to ensure that all young people at Code Club can develop their digital skills in a fun and safe environment. Code Club is committed to following best practices when it comes to safeguarding, and we do all we can to make sure that club organisers and volunteers know how to protect themselves and the children...
What is the minimum age for volunteers?
All Code Club volunteers must complete a full background check before running a club for safeguarding reasons. The minimum age to complete a background check is 16, so you need to be 16-years-old or over to volunteer with Code Club. However, there are many young people under 16 who support Code Clubs with an a...
Do I need a background check?
Yes, all Code Club volunteers must complete a background check. Find more information on this on our Working Safely with Children page.
Do I need a new background check if I already have one?
As far as Code Club is concerned, any DBS check issued within the last two years is acceptable. However, approval of background checks is at the discretion of the host of the club at the venue. We recommend letting them know the details of your check to find out whether it's acceptable within their policy as a...
What to do if my background check is not clear?
A DBS check will show any information held on your criminal record. If you do not have a criminal record your Certificate will come back with no information on it. If you do have a criminal record (caution, warning, reprimand or conviction) this will be detailed on your DBS Certificate. This doesn’t necessari...